Don’t Keep Saying You Want This Baby Out Of You

Don't Keep Saying You Want This Baby Out Of You

As a mum of not just one but two premature babies, what can really grind me down are mums to be saying “how do I get this baby out” at just 30+ weeks.

Did you know statistics can show that one extra day in you is 2 days less in neo-natal, neo-natal where you have to ask to hold your baby, ask for skin on skin. Neo-natal where you are reduced in cuddles as baby needs rest, rest helps babies grow you know! Neo-natal where it seems like these amazing nurses feel like your babies mum.

Neo-natal is isolating, there are tears…also of joy.

For those mums wanting their babies, just hold on that little longer. Seeing your baby attached to machines and poked with needles is not fun.

The nurses work hard, they have many babies to look after…..don’t try to increase their work load, enjoy the last few weeks being pregnant.

Many mums would love to have stayed pregnant for an extra few weeks or in some cases months so they would not have had to see their precious small, fragile baby hooked up to machinery and or fighting for life.

Please I urge you do not try to bring on early labour, we ear all to often of women taking castor oil or worse to bring on labour, did you know that castor oil can cause your baby to poo inside you, cause you severe diarrhoea and can make baby very distressed.

Labour should only be brought on early in a hospital for medical reasons.

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1 thought on “Don’t Keep Saying You Want This Baby Out Of You

  1. another comment I see a lot of is mum’s moaning when there unborn baby is moving and waking them up 😡 or moving in general they need to realise a happy baby is a moving kicking baby they don’t know how lucky they are being able to feel it because there are poor women who deserve more then anything in this world to have a baby and sadly they can’t xxxxx

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