Hi can I have a private post please.. sorry ladies it’s a long one. Basically …

Hi can I have a private post please..
sorry ladies it’s a long one. Basically I split up with my ex of 8 years last month after finding out he kissed someone he works with on a night out. I was trying to forgive and forget as he has never cheated on me before. I then found messages on his phone to this girl seemingly about work but he had deleted his replies to her. My problem with this is when they text there is always kisses on the end and he never text me with kisses and I think this is why they were deleted but I don’t know. Anyway I turned to our mutual friend (male) for advice and we got close in such a short space of time. It felt like my feelings for my ex moved over to my friend (it’s messed up but I can’t help it) he says he’s got feelings for me too and all was fine until now. He’s now saying he can’t decide between the 2 of us as my ex is his good friend and he doesn’t want to loose him. My ex is due to move out soon (he is still living here until he finds somewhere else to go) and my friend says to wait until my ex is out and take it from there. The trouble is his texts have calmed down a lot and he’s not making much effort to see me and I miss him so much already. I know the whole thing is so mucked up so I don’t need anyone to tell me that. I feel like I’m alone and I’m scared. I used to be such a fun person and have a laugh. Now I feel like im in a shell and don’t know what to do. I have 2 young kids and I feel like I’m only going for there sake. Even then I’m struggling. 😔


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