Hi can I have PPP.. I dunno why I’m posting but I need to get it off my chest. M…

Hi can I have PPP.. I dunno why I’m posting but I need to get it off my chest. My ex split with my back in July not giving me a real reason why after this I spiralled out of control blaming everyone for it. Well it got to a point that I lost so much control I wished I was dead so finally went doctors and got antidepressants. I’m more in control of my life now and feel better but I told him a few months back of what I had intended to do so he began laughing at me like it was some joke his parents became supportive for all of a few weeks but the last weekend of October was the last time any of them sawmy kids he popped down a few times even came Xmas day. On new years day I wanted to make an arrangement for the kids every 2 weeks that he collected the kids himself due to me not wanting nothing to do with his family, well he said he wasn’t interested so I gave up because he has barely bothered in months anyway well he asked me yesterday if his mum could collect the kids on Saturday andi said no not because I don’t want him having them but because I don’t want to see his family. He even messaged our son asking him to ask me, baring in mind he hasn’t contacted our children at all over the last few months. Well I had ago cox he never should have involved them he’s now saying he wants all their presents and our older children’s phones back. He hasn’t paid me z penny in support towards the kids I have had to borrow money of family when I’m desperate coz his excuse is he has bills to pay coz he got himself in debt but noe he’s saying if he can’t see the kids why should he pay for them. I don’t want him seeing my kids for a few week then dropping them like he did the last time with an excuse about having no car. I am just fedup of my kids being hurt by this man who claims to miss and love the but only contacts me to argue or ask for sex!


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