Hi Please can I have a private post? Sorry for TMI in advance I recently went …

Hi Please can I have a private post?
Sorry for TMI in advance

I recently went for my first smear test (im 29) as soon as he saw my cervix he asked in a very worried voice if i bled during/after sex or any other unusal time or if I’d had back pain or unusal discharge… my answer to all aprt from bleeding with sex was yes (my reason for going in was a 4 week long ‘period’)
He then said he thought my cervix was ’cause for concern’ and wanted to get another doctor to come and have a look. She came and immediately said she agreed and thought I should be referred straight away. He referd me for a colposocopy and sent my smear off marked urgant. The doctors were both concerned and said it looked unusal and it was ‘the whole way round’ This was 12th may, I havent heard anything yet but I know these things take time. However i am extreemly worried and fearing the worst! There’s a lot of history of cancer in my family too.
Has anyone been through anything similar and what was the outcome? Good or bad.
I am really preparing myself for them to tell me I have cancer!


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  1. I would have thought they’d referred you on a 2 week wait, I’d ring your Dr’s and ask if the referral was done and where it was sent to, then I would ring the hospital you’ve been referred to and ask to be put through to colposcopy or gynae wherever they’ve sent the referral explain things to them and ask when you’ll be seen. Good luck x

  2. a had ths after havin first bby sent for biopsy n first time was hod rod treatment as smear came bk abnormal so after tht was getin smears every 3months n ended up getin more hod rod and then loop ensertion was to do with the white cells on my cervix tht coz cancer bt all gt removed thru treatment try nt to worry too much as could jst be tht ano thts easier says than dun tho hope ths helps a bit xxxx

  3. Wow! Hope all goes well for you .. I haven’t had a outcome as I have pcos and it’s normal to have a couple of symptoms .. my period before last lasted 4 weeks and I’m constantly tired and have really bad back pain I’ve never thought of it before now. I’m only 23 as well so do you reckon they would do anything .. sorry not been much help xx

  4. I don’t have any advice or personal experience but something like this happened to my mum then her results came back not normal she had to go for further tests they made it sound like she had cancer and got extra tests waited ages on results and after all was clear & fine so I hope your news is good news ❤️ maybe phone your gp about your results I know when I went for mine they said 4 weeks then phone if you hear nothing but if yours is urgent maybe you should have heard X

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