Hip Dysplasia Awareness

Raise awareness for Hip dysplasia

Please like and share as we want to help parents who this could affect as we have been through what was one of the more severe cases as it was picked up so late.

Summary she was diagnosed at 2 years 4 months after being told by the doctors it was just a toddler limp, well we went back again and finally they referred her she had and X-ray and was told neither of her hips were in socket. ( full dislocation in both hips)

How did it get left so long? well she had her usual checks, never missed any and she was always on time with crawling, walking running, climbing, she had swimming lessons once a week and did dancing also. It was only when she got tired we noticed she would start to limp but never in any pain. Their was never nothing really to notice and we thought maybe she had one leg a tiny bit longer than the other or flat feet.

Well after she was diagnosed the reality sunk in what was next.

1 week in hospital on traction, they tied darcey legs up to try stretch the muscles to try and manipulate them back in place in a operation which failed.

Due to that it meant worse case scenario for us and her… 18 weeks in cast (12 weeks of that from toe to chest) with 3 more operations. 1 op to put right hip in place,after 6 weeks another on left hip, another 6 weeks op to change cast and check for damage and change position of legs.

It has all been successful and darcey finally had her casts taking off yesterday to learn to walk, crawl and move again

She has to still wear night splint for 6 weeks but we are in full recovery mode now.

I do appreciate there are a lot worse things out there but this is a post if any parents need help, guidance and support if you are going through this same thing, we do have a lot of tips and tricks to help you.

Please like and share for awareness

Credit https://www.facebook.com/ukdaddydoes/


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