Hiya can I have a post put please my little boy is drinking but he ain’t weein…


Hiya can I have a post put please my little boy is drinking but he ain’t weeing I tok him doctors other week coz woz all swallon and said got infection and them it went down but tok him back to check again coz woz still having problems weeing said it woz fine but he still having problems now he went toilet one day last week he only went toilet 1 within 14 hours and yesterday we got up at 730 in morning he didn’t go toilet tell 4 yesterday afternoon then he went at 9 last night then didn’t go again tell 8 this morning and he not been since then and yes he is still drinking and he ends up waking up in then night in pain saying belly hurts screaming and crying so I have to pick him up for him go toilet coz it’s hurting him that much he can’t walk and he is 3 and half what would you do people please xxxxx



  1. My son had this last year, turns out that even though he was pooing every day, he had a faecal impaction and that was obviously blocking him from going for a wee and even when he did manage it was only a teeny amount! We took him to a&e and they took X-rays etc and then he had to have an enema and after that he was fine. He’s still occasionally on medicine to help him poo though. I’d say take to a&e just to rule anything out x

  2. My son had something similar came home from nursery and his penis was swollen about 3 x it’s normal size and was purple. He physically couldn’t urinate so was retaining his urine. This puts a strain on the kidneys and bladder. Turns out he had balenitus. He needed a course of antibiotics which cleared it straight up. The hospital was preparing to take my son to theatre, put him asleep and catheterise him to drain his bladder until out of no where he sudden emptied his bladder all over the floor! Don’t leave it, demand something be done asap. Goodluck xxx

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