I Gave Birth To 3 Children But I Gave Them All Away

I Gave Birth To 3 Children But I Gave Them All Away , you may be thinking what an awful person I am but you are wrong.

My name is Penny Divine and I’m a mum of six children, three of which live with me and call me mummy and three who I am biological related to but call another woman mum.

After I had my 3rd child I realised just how special it is, the moment you look into your babies eyes, sniff their little heads and hug this bundle of joy for the first time and the pride you feel when you take them home.

Whilst holding my tiny 7 pound baby laid in the hospital bed I imagined how hard it was for woman who would never get to experience this, who would never know this unbreakable love.

Once my baby had reached her 1st birthday I sat my husband down and said I want another baby but I don’t want to keep it, I want to gift it to a woman who cannot have her own child.

My husband was amazingly supportive but said as long as its artificial insemination and not sex he was okay with it (he is a joker but the most wonderful man).

I saw my Gp and was referred to a specialist clinic, I had a psychological evaluation, medical checks and had to sign multiple disclaimers saying that I could not have any financial gain from it etc etc, I wouldn’t accept any money any way.

Six months later I met a wonderful couple Julie and Philip who had tried with IVF for years but Julie was not producing eggs.

My husband was the one to inseminate me with Philips sperm and would you believe it I was pregnant on the first try, the pregnancy was pretty smooth other than the urge to eat sponges.

When I delivered their little boy I was nervous handing him over but the smiles and joyful tears that Julie and Philip had was the most magical feeling, I can’t express how happy I felt in that moment, knowing I had just given them the greatest gift.

I went on to help two more couples and still keep in contact with all of them and i am often referred to as auntie, being a surrogate is not for everyone but for me it is like I am giving them a gift from god and I plan on doing it again next year.

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