I really think I need a divorce. I’ve been married two years and this thought co…

I really think I need a divorce. I’ve been married two years and this thought comes up a lot. Every time we argue one of us says we want one, and then we never actually do anything about it, but the thought is still there.

I am so tired with how my husband treats me. In general there’s no respect or consideration for me. He doesn’t listen to or take into account anything that I say to him, it is actually like talking to a brick wall.

A couple years ago when he was overworked doing day and night shifts he attacked me and I called the police and SS got involved. They closed the case as we took extreme measures (husband quitting one of his jobs) in order to try and fix things… and although it has never been that bad again, when we argue it’s unbearable, he’s really irrational and easily provoked.
I just don’t feel this is any way for me to live and I don’t want to raise our child in that environment. My dad always treated my mom like a queen, and I know I treat my husband fairly so I expect equal treatment back.

Last week we had an argument over his work. He urged me to leave work and be a sahm, after a couple months of debating I have in and quit. I liked the fact that he could offer his opinion and have a say in what would benefit or affect us both. I expected it to be the same from his behalf. He wants to swap duties with a lady he continues to flirt with. I said that I didn’t think it was best for us as he is risking a loss of £200 on average every month. It was too risky as overtime is not guaranteed. We eventually agreed that this time he would do what I felt was best.

Except he didn’t. He called me whilst he was at work, which he only does when he wants to say something he knows will upset me, and said that this same girl at work is very upset and if he swaps wth her she will feel better off, or at least that’s how he started to explain. He said it was only temporary, however she has now plastered all over Facebook otherwise.

I am upset, I am feeling very betrayed, and even though he said he could see where I’m coming from he says he fails to see why I should have any say in the matter.

He just really bellowed at me to go to bed as I was holding his sleep ransom. I feel like I live with a selfish little ten year old 😭
I don’t want to do this anymore.


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