Ladies I need some help just received my gas and electric bill from SSE, I’ve pa…


Ladies I need some help😩 just received my gas and electric bill from SSE, I’ve paid about £50 altogether for both since I moved here last August, I’ve had frequent meter readings where I have then received a letter saying they owe me money. In total it turned out to be around £300. I had my last meter reading a couple of months ago and they still owed me money but I left it until I needed it! So I’ve just got a bill saying I owe THEM like £300, sure they cannot of changed from them owing me that to me owing them that in a couple of months? They said they’re raising my bills to over £120 a month, that’s almost triple what I used to pay! I literally cannot afford that, I live in a 2 bed flat just me and my daughter we cannot of spent that much especially as it’s been warmer we’ve barely had the heating on! And we’re out quite a lot a don’t use much! I’m terrified at what to do if I payed that I would have absolutely no money left to live on, I’m so confused?! Please somebody help I’m so stressed out 😞😩



  1. Can you reply with this picture please? And I pay about £50/£60 a month have done since I’ve moved in! And that’s the average it says for a two bed flat, I knew the person that lived here before and she always paid that amount!

  2. Sorry could you reply again please. I know what I was lying is quite cheap but I have meter readings roughly every couple of months and it’s stuck to that or gone up or down a couple of pounds. What I don’t understand is how it’s gone from them owing me £300 to me owing them £300 in only two months. That means I’ve under paid by £600 in two months that seems not right to me?

  3. So you haven’t paid anything since last August? £600 sounds about right if so then as that’s 9 months ago! That’s not even £70 a month for both and don’t forget the last few months you’d of used more being winter plus electric/ gas prices have risen a lot recently. Ring them up and get them to double check your account and explain you can’t afford that but what can you do x

  4. I pay 45 for electric a month and 35 for gas. Could you not ask to have a key metre fitted so your not paying so much all at once. And ask if you could set up a payment plan to pay the rest off?x

  5. I pay about £57 for gas and £24 a month and over the 12 months it evens out between summer and winter. I live in a 3 bedroom terraced house with children. They do try and up the dd (if thats what you pay by – like me) if they think it will cost more but I call them and say no because I can’t afford it. I tell them I will pay the difference if it goes up a lot and I am falling behind. Surprise surprise this has never happened and they usually owe me a few quid, especially on the electric. I would call and discuss with them xx

  6. You need to be checking your bills as soon as you get them and make sure they’re not estimating, I’ve had it before where I’ve given a reading and they’ve still estimated! If you do owe them it, ring them and tell them you can’t afford it, they’re normally pretty good with payment plans etc, also I’d be looking at switching suppliers as SSE are normally expensive! They say if they’re more rooms than people you should have a pre pay meter as it’s usually cheaper 🙂

  7. Get them to investigate and give them the meter readings.. they should look into it.. I’ve been screwed over by them before, so my new flat I pay as u go card and key now. Works out more but only slightly and I can keep an eye on what I’m using and how much. No nasty bill surprises.

  8. This happened to my partner and I years ago when we rented a flat, everything was normal then all of a sudden we owed £3000 for three months of gas and electric, turned out someone in the building fiddled the meters and we were being billed for the whole block

  9. I would recommend you take Meter reads for 7 days at the same time and use it as you usually would. This will give you, your current average usage. So if you are giving them regular Meter reads the last months or so should be on line. If it is not, then ask them to investigate the Meter and check that it is not faulty. Have you checked that they have your readings the right way against the right register?
    If they are not helpful you can raise a complaint, Ofgem are the industry regulators in the U.K.

  10. Seems you do owe them more I am with Scottish power just me and my daughter and I pay £110 for 12 months! I owe them money obviously but without my debt would be £72 x

  11. SSE did EXACTLY the same to me! And they said it was my gas bill that was over and I didn’t even have central heating!! I couldn’t prove otherwise tho and now I’m stuck paying off the best part of £600 at £3 per week even tho just before I moved out it said that they owed me about £400 😮 absolute bastards. I updated my meter readings often as well.

  12. Maybe speak to them about going onto a pre payment meter? We live in a 3 bed town house and put £40 on electric per month, the gas is billed, this time round that was approx £100 a quarter

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