My Baby Nearly Died Because Of An Innocent Childrens Toy

“This is the hardest thing I have ever had to write. It’s long but please read. Especially if you are a parent.

So I’ve just experienced the worst 24 hours of my life. My son Toby yesterday nearly died. They say you can’t watch them 24/7 and how true that is.

Yesterday around lunchtime Toby managed to put something in his mouth and he started to choke. I walked towards Toby and be walked towards me holding his throat and unable to breathe. Whatever it was had become lodged in his throat blocking his airway. I called rich and he came running. An ambulance was called and we started the attempt to save our boys life. We started with back thrusts but the lodged item Wouldn’t budge. Rich attempted to scoop it out but still to no avail. Our friend and colleague Campbell came to assist and rich and him working as a team started performing CPR.

Watching that being performed on your own child is a vision I will never be rid of. He managed only a couple of short laboured breaths and went in and out of consciousness. On two occasions he stopped breathing, his body went limp, eyes in the back of his head. We all thought the worst.

His jaw had locked shut, My limp lifeless boy on the cold kitchen floor. The ambulance crew arrived within 6 minutes and started to attempt to save Toby. He expelled blood from his nose and was blue. Never a sight I ever wish to witness on anybody. I had flashing images throughout it all but never let go of my boy’s hand. I was pulled away at one point but fought my way back to my boy’s side. No matter what outcome he would want his mummy with him.

The paramedics arrived and took control, Rich and Campbell taking it in turns to perform CPR. The crew managed to get his mouth open and get a blade in and engaged the ball enough to scoop it out. There I was thinking my boy had choked on a marble, not a large approx 4cm wide rubber ball. One of those innocent rubber balls you get in party bag favours, they sell in those machines in pubs, they are super bouncy and great fun! I never ever wish to see one of those balls again.

My Baby Nearly Died Because Of An Innocent Childrens Toy
My Baby Nearly Died Because Of An Innocent Childrens Toy

Toby was rushed to hospital as he wasn’t able to breathe on his own. He had X-rays and there was a shadow over one lung. There was now the worry of infection and any life long damage caused due to lack of oxygen to his brain. He was able to, with limited response nod or shake his head. Drifting in and out of sleep. My normal talkative 2.5 year old boy wasn’t talking. He was put on antibiotics straight away. He remained on oxygen for over 12 hours, every time they tried to remove it his little body couldn’t cope. He slept longer than he has ever slept in his life with his mummy watching every breath. His little body struggling to breath like it should. He kept getting a raised temperature, something else to cause more concern. I couldn’t bare watching my boy so helpless.

His big sister brushing her hand across his head, telling him not to put a ball in his mouth. The tears finally started to fall, whilst I bite down on a piece of toast, it’s real. This has really happened to me and my family.

Before daddy went home he perked up just enough to point to a family photo on the phone and name everyone in the photo. Wow those words daddy, mummy, Darcey, toby and bear. The best words in the world.

During the night we managed to remove the oxygen and finally Toby managed to breath on his own, no longer laboured but his chest doing what it needs to do.

After that He slept and he slept, Being checked through the night by the wonderful nurses. That bloody temperature I just wanted it to be back to normal. Finally the sun came up and I was wide awake. Watching my little boy sleep. That temperate checked yet another time, and my prayers finally answered, finally the number 36. Yes Toby you little fighter you body is working as it should. He began talking and he got off the bed looked outside and wanted to go play. The consultant came around this morning and told me how utterly lucky my little boy was. The speedy actions of myself, rich, Campbell and my dad making that call, the paramedics saved my boys life. SAVED MY BOYS LIFE, words are used loosely but my god this time a truer word cannot be spoken. I am the mother of 2 wonderful healthy children x I am blessed and so thankful I cannot express it enough”

Full credit to: Carrie Owen


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