Omeprazole Medication Warning

TO U K FRIENDS URGENT ***************************To anyone who takes omeprazole please check your capsules before you take them I returned a pack to my pharmacy today as when I took one out to take this morning it looked grey not the usual white so I opened the others on the same strip they were all dark one looking almost black .

The pharmacist cut the tablet open instead of little ball-shaped loose bits it was stuck together with a black substance . I took one from the same strip yesterday didn’t notice if it was dark so I may have taken a contaminated one which is quite a worry, so far I seem to be ok but please check your capsules just incase you have the same they were prescribed in jan so are a recent batch of capsules .

Please repost to your friends get this message out there just incase there may be more out there thanks .

Credit Maree Thompson

Author: XGemx

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  1. I do not believe your article to be true, why? 1. these are as you say a capsule so there wouldn’t be any need to ‘cut’ them as you state a capsule can just be pulled apart. 2. I have this medication and they are NOT white, they are a deep orange and dark blue in colour.

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