Parents Step It Up This Is Not Okay

This is a snap from a week or more ago from a birthday party my son Marshall was invited to.

I’m sharing this in part because after I posted it, another mom messaged me saying that because of my last rant about birthday parties, they are specifically going out of their way to attend every invite they get.

Guys, I walked into this party twenty minutes late. The room was dressed to the nines with Minecraft decorations including homemade cupcakes shaped like a Minecraft sword and even favor bags made so the kids would have something to open while the birthday boy opened his presents.

I walked into a room full of adults, all family members. The only other two children were his little sisters.

I want you to think about that for a second. Think about this child literally having not one single friend or even non-sibling CHILD show up to his party.

It’s devastating. And you say, “Well, they had a good time it seems! Maybe they won’t notice!”

Nope. They notice. And this time the birthday boy purposefully came to the adults for the answer to, “Why didn’t any of my friends show up?” TWICE. Not once. But twice.

There were a dozen untouched favor bags sitting out and maybe 5 or so cupcakes eaten (myself included). Luckily he had a lot of presents from family, so at least there was a big “to do” when present opening came around.

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that yes, birthday parties are a pain in the ass. Sometimes you have to sit there the whole time while making small talk with other parents while the kids play, but come on, is it really that bad?

And if so? Drop your dang kid off for an hour. Hell, I guarantee that if you showed up, dropped off your kid SANS present, guess who would still be happy? Birthday boy.

Step it up, guys. This isn’t cool. #okaydonewiththesoapbox




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