Pp please Am I being unreasonable my partner rang earlier and said I’m having …


Pp please

Am I being unreasonable my partner rang earlier and said I’m having the kids ( from a previous) for tea & I said that’s fine but can you take them back before 7 as we have to go to the church to pay the rest of our wedding off. & he said no they can come & I said no because my nan & grandad are coming for tea & there coming to the church as there paying for it for us! & he said well I did tell you which he did not untill today he said he was going to see them but not having them for tea as he’s been arguing with there mother about picking up and dropping off. So I said we’ll go and see them for an hour & then we will have them for tea tomorrow with his other daughter & he’s calling me a selfish spiteful bitch agggghhhhhhh he new about the church for ages I’m sooo fumin right now I don’t think I’m being unreasonable! But I don’t want to drag me him 3 kids my nan& grandad to the church. I duno if it’s my hormones cus I’m 14 weeks pregnant but I am actually raging! I bend over backwards for his kids always look after them when he’s working I get no thanks nothing & im a spitful selfish bitch.



  1. Could you add to my post please.
    Our church can only take payment on a Monday night between 7-8 & he also has to have his other daughter tomorrow & my nan & grandad are free today. & also he’s new about it all last week

  2. From the kids point of view.. their looking forward to going to daddy’s for tea and staying for a while, to be told they can come for tea but go home soon after because he needs to go and pay for his wedding 🙄 yeah your being selfish, just take them with you! they will feel more involved then, what you going to when you have a baby that needs to be taken everywhere aswell?

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