pp please i will apologise in advance for the long post but i really need some a…


pp please
i will apologise in advance for the long post but i really need some advice i thought it was all “normal ” behaviour for a 7 year old but now i’m not so sure, for the last year or so he has been having out bursts. if i ask him to do something can be anything from brushing his teeth to telling him its time to go home after visiting grandparents it always ends up with him screaming, shouting and crying. he has recently started playing out with friends and he kept coming back saying such and such have been picking on him but when i asked his friend he said they wasn’t. i watched out the window the other day, he came back saying one of the kids punched him in the head (he hadn’t he tapped him playing with an empty plastic bottle). they were all just being normal kids playing and joking but he said they were being nasty and laughing at him. he thinks the whole world is against him and often tells me he has no friends and no one likes him. he doesn’t know if someone is joking or not. i have spoken to his teacher and he said my son is a bright lad but has some anger issues he said if he falls out with another child he gets upset and angry and it takes him a long time to calm down. he will hold grudges for months and months and recently if i raise my voice to him he will cower down holding his hands above his head as if i beat him. (i have never hit him). he refuses to do any after school clubs or go to party’s and the cinema, i have tried to take him but he goes pale starts shaking and runs to the toilet saying his belly hurts and he’s going to be sick. is this all just a faze that i need to ride out or should i seek help?



  1. a lot of that is like my son, hes 7 and says no one likes him, has regular outbursts, holds grudges, cowers n screams like i batter him, hes has seen education psychologist a couple of times but ive not had any feedback,

  2. Is there any chance he could be autistic I would speak with a doctor as a lot of children with autism don’t understand how to communicate with other children as in games etc x

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