PPP. im 39+2, for the last 2 days iv had this everytime i wipe (picture in comme…

PPP. im 39+2, for the last 2 days iv had this everytime i wipe (picture in comments) my pants are getting wet but not soaking and im in real discomfort in my belly and back. Iv phoned the hospital and they are saying its just a ‘show’ but im getting the same amount everytime i wipe. One midwife said my waters could be trickling but still wont do anything until im having regular contractions but i thought its bad to go over 24hours after losing water due to infections?? What does it sound like? Is it normal or could i be in early labour? Being told different things xxx


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  1. Please reply to post..
    Iv phoned about 6 times in last 2 days but they keep saying just stay home till im having contractions regularly. Im just worried that im losing water and its gunna cause infections as this all started not yesterday day before (so friday) lol x

  2. Always contact your triage if you have any questions, I had a little show like this but it turned out my back waters had gone and I had to be induced because of risk of infection to me and baby. xx

  3. My sister had this a few weeks ago and it went on for a good couple days before the hosp listened to her when she kept saying her waters had gone. Eventually they took her in to be induced x

  4. Say you are concerned that your back waters have gone and you want to be checked over to reduce a risk of infection. I assume you are feeling baby regularly still? xx

  5. My show looked like that with a tiny amount of red blood in it. But by the time I had mine I was contracting every 5 mins. So have a warm bath and relax. You’re on your way to having your little one soon 🙂

  6. Just go in. You’re concerned enough to keep ringing and write on here. Midwives over the phone can’t be sure everything is as it should be. And yes, over twenty-fours of broken water increases the risk of infection, so it needs ruling out for certain.

  7. You would know if it was your waters, I had to be induced, went to the bathroom and used the toilet, got up and they went, It felt like I had pee’d myself, also, I had been left 27 hours before having a C’Sec, My daughter pooed in my womb which I believe is what causes infections, try not to worry to much.

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