Raped Whilst I Was Having a Epileptic Fit

In June 2016 I went travelling for three months in europe prior to beginning my year abroad studies in Spain. Whilst travelling in Hungary I met a guy who was also travelling and he was from the Netherlands, we became friends, he asked for more but I said no and that was fine.

After I moved to Spain and settled in he asked to come visit me for a few days because he would be travelling in Barcelona which was not far from where I was living. I said yes, I enjoyed his company so I saw no problem in it.

One morning I found that whilst I had slept he took money from my purse and the keys to my flat and left, when I called him he came back quickly with coffees and said he only took the money for coffee and took my keys so not to disturb me that I wouldn’t have to let him back in. Needless to say I was annoyed but I had classes to go to, so I got ready and we both went about our days separately.

After my classes finished I was still annoyed and didn’t want to meet him right away so instead I went for a run. When I returned to my flat after the run I was talking to my flat mates and I suffered an epileptic fit (this is normal for me).

My flat mates were aware of my condition and after the seizure stopped they helped me to bed. They waited with me whilst I was still fairly incoherent but whilst this was happening, the friend who was staying with me knocked on the flat door and my flat mates who were not aware of our earlier falling out, let him in to the flat and then into my room. Whilst they were all there I suffered another seizure (again multiple seizures are normal for me), but whilst it happened this guy told my flat mates to leave and that he would take care of me.

Thinking nothing sinister in it, they left him to it.

Next when I began to gain consciousness I can feel his naked body pressed against mine from behind, his hands all over me, kissing my neck and he had slightly undressed me. In my pod sizars state I was confused, scared and very weak, I could do nothing but lay there as he did all he wanted to me and wait until he was finished with me.

After he finished he got dressed and left the room. Once I composed myself following the effects of the seizure and the shock of what he did I went to the kitchen where he was sat talking happily with my flat mates. Of course I immediately asked him to leave and I made my flat mates know not to let him back in again although I did not tell them why. But before he left, he managed to steal my handbag which contained all my money and my passport.

I returned home to the UK so I could get a new passport and whilst there I had to tell my mother and father what happened. I then reported it to the police and they have reported it the inter-poll but I have not pushed it any further.

I am ashamed to say that I have yet to tell anyone else and this is why I do my want to push it forward legally. I am scared and still so long after it happened it haunts me constantly. I am still not ready for anyone else to know but after my mother died six months ago I now feel very alone with it. My father is so very very supportive of me but following the sudden death of my mother, his wife, he is so fragile also and he does upset him greatly what happened to me and I feel guilty to burden him further.

I know my story is long and complex, I hope it does not cause upset that I have written in such detail but truthfully I wanted to share my story in a way that is anonymous and get it off my chest.


Author: XGemx

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