Warning To Woman Seeking Birth Control

Warning to all women seeking birth control. Do not get the Nexplanon Implant! The serious side effects of this drug, outweigh the benefit! In the doctors office, they will tell you some of the side effects but, not all of them. “Side effects of Nexplanon can include:

•changes in menstrual periods

•irregular menstrual periods

•mood changes

•breast tenderness or pain

•abdominal pain

•back pain

•changes in appetite






•vaginal infection or inflammation

•vaginal discharge

•sore throat

•flu symptoms

•injection site pain


•ectopic pregnancies

•liver disease

•weight gain

•nervousness, and

•fluid retention.

The more serious side effects of Nexplanon can include:

•blood clot formation,

•liver disease,

•ectopic pregnancy and

•serious depression;

The side effects may warrant the removal of the implant.”


With insurance, the drug is free to be implanted but, with removal, necessary removal, because of the serious side effects, you’ll be charged a ridiculous amount that most of us, cannot afford! Be cautious, and do your research before doing what your doctor’s have lead you to believe, is safe, and effective. Take strong caution! Your life, may depend on it! I was able to remove her implant myself, having been to nursing school, prior. Just be cautious!


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