Why Don’t Asda Like Formula Fed Babies

I personally feel Asda are shaming formula fed parents.

I had my twins in March , Ava and Adam were born at at 34 weeks and spent three weeks in the Neonatal intensive care unit  (NICU) neither of them were strong enough to latch on to my breast to feed, or were able to suck on a bottle so they were fed through an Iv line with donated breast milk, i tried so hard to express but it just wasn’t happening.

I ultimately decided when my babies were strong enough I would put them on to formula, well my little ones thrived, gained weight and began to take bottles of formula and before we knew it we were taking our babies home.

The twins went from strength to strength and were drinking lots and lots and lots of formula, soon we were getting through 6 tins of formula a week.

One saturday my husband and I took a trip to our local Asda’s and decided to do a big food shop with our beautiful twins being pushed in their double buggy.

We placed 6 tins of formula into our trolley and got the rest of our food shop, we loaded our shopping on to the conveyor belt, once it got to the formula the shop assistant said “i am really sorry but we can only sell two tins per family”. I tried to explain that I had twins, pointing to the buggy and my babies, she replied with “sorry it’s our store policy”.

I demanded to see the manager and he was the most unhelpful man ever, simply telling me it’s 2 per family and that i could buy two today and come back tomorrow for another two, when I asked why, he said it’s to make people breast-fed and think before feeding their babies formula.

A long come perfect mum of the year pushing her own baby in a trolley, she had heard everything that had gone on and she just had to stick her nose in ” if you breast feed you won’t have this problem now would you”. The manager chuckled, he actually chuckled at this womans comments.

Why can’t I feed my baby, why can’t I buy my babies food, if I were breast-feeding and was asked to stop there would be a media frenzy.

I have two babies so clearly need more formula, why is it even limited? surely if there is a need for it they should stock more.

What sort of stupid policy is this!!!!

3 thoughts on “Why Don’t Asda Like Formula Fed Babies

  • 14th June 2018 at 7:51 am

    Its a standard policy to stop it being resold abroad and stop shortages so theres formula for everyone who needs it.

  • 14th June 2018 at 7:54 am

    You do sound abit silly. This is policy to stop bulk buying. Get a grip and grow up, youve got children now. Loose that chip on your shoulder. Your silly article is on lots of sites and everyone laughing at you. Educate yourself please.


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