Woman Claims Her Baby Is Black Because Her White Husband Drank Coffee

A young, white woman who was 24 years of age gave birth to a baby weighing 3.5 kg, at the University Hospital of Valencia (Spain), . Contrary to the common sigh of relief and cry of happiness, everyone was amazed when the white woman gave birth to a black baby while her white husband was present.

Even if the husband is also white, the strange thing is that the baby was born black. After the childbirth, in the room, the young man asked the wife for explanations. “I am not racist, I have nothing against other races, but she has betrayed me.” She replied: “I did not betray you, you drink coffee day and night”

The medical team initially thought the baby was purple due to respiratory failure, but soon realized that it was a happy and healthy black baby.

They might even have a black relative in their family and a genetic mutation could have combined those genes, but that was not the case.

The father is awaiting dna results to come back, but the mother is adamant the baby is his and coffee is the factor in the skin colour of their child.

Now we at Mums advice are not medically trained but we are pretty sure coffee doesn’t change skin colour whilst in the womb, we feel someone is possibly lying hmmmm….

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