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Accidents Can Happen To Anyone Anywhere

March 10th 2017 My life changed forever.
Carseats save lifes. I put Jordan in a booster seat and strapped him in with a seat belt not knowing that his weight and height would have such an impact on his life, literally.

He was in his sisters old booster. I was in the process of washing his cover to his carseat and had taken it all apart so I figured he would be ok in the booster for the day since I was in a rush to go to my daughter’s school program and never in a million years thought I’d have an accident because I drive like a granny and boy was I wrong.

My Car flipped 4 times and the booster seat slid from beneath him causing him to slide through the seatbelt.
Ejecting him from the back window.
I remember grabbing his red jacket from the backseat realizing that he wasn’t in my backseat anymore. I recall kicking my windshield and screaming, running toward the highway, seeing him stand up and trying to yell “momma” when suddenly I see blood coming out of his mouth and eyes and notice his face and the back of his head fall off.

I remember the man and his son pulling over, he forgot to put his car in park when he realized what had happened, I recall the elderly couple running out to where we were, trying to calm me down covering us with blankets and praying. I recall me yelling “his name is jordan, he is 3 years old, he was born april 2nd 2013, he likes spiderman.”

I remember over 30 strangers surrounding us crying, yelling and praying. The ambulance separating us and hearing them over the radio. “The baby is losing a lot of blood and is unresponsive.” I recall them turning it off and mentioning a helicopter.
It took 12 hours of surgery just to put him back together and stabilize him on a life support machine.

Accidents Can Happen To Anyone Anywhere
Accidents Can Happen To Anyone Anywhere

Today Marks 3 years since the Drs told me he was trying to out breathe the machine and that I could stop planning for a funeral because my son is a fighter.
Weeks after, he woke up from a coma, he was going to be blind and possibly be in a vegetative state.
3 surgeries, 21 hours and 132 pieces of glass later they said his eyes were intact. I taught him how to get around (before he could see)walk, talk, potty train, use his hands again and most importantly PRAY, my baby prayed everyday.

My point of this post is; Accidents can happen to anyone anywhere. Carseats save lifes. God is real, never question him and always have faith.
Jordan and I love and are thankful for everyone who went by the hospital, prayed for him and helped us and show him love. We are forever grateful to all the good samaritans, sheriffs, surgeons, nurses , Texas state troopers, the EMS, EVERYONE That helped us on that day (Lamb county, Hockley county and Lubbock ❤)
If your child is a screamer and doesn’t like being in a carseat, just remember; a headache is nothing compared to burying your baby 6ft under. If you love them you will care.

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