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Anti Bullying Isn’t Something That Should be Discussed

So I was listening to the radio the other week and it was talking about anti bullying week/day.

Anti bullying is something that should not be discussed just on a certain week or day but something that should be regularly talked about openly and honestly.

No one has the right to bully anyone, whether that be in the work place, at home, on the streets, at a school or through social media.

No one has the right to make someone else feel worthless, fear for their safety or fear that their belongings may be taken from them, no one should be forced to hand over their belongings or monies through threats, violence or fear tactics.

Remember that 1 nasty thing that you say or do to someone could be the final straw and the thing that leads them to seep into deep depression, contemplate harming themselves or to even take their own lives, and destroy their families lives along with theirs.

For the bully,

Do you really want to be responsible for someone else’s death?

For the bullied,

There is always someone to talk to, speak up and ask for help, once you do your life will drastically change.

Don’t let the bullies win, a bully wins when the victim stays silent, a bully loses when they speak out.!

So I urge you to speak out and not just on anti bully week or day!

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One thought on “Anti Bullying Isn’t Something That Should be Discussed

  • Bullying happens so much on anonymous messaging apps. I have been bullied for several years now and it happens mostly on social media. People take advantage of anonymous messaging apps and it happens to so many people. There have been so many suicides because of apps like them. Could you guys sign my petition to get apps like Sarahah and other anonymous messaging apps banned. They do more harm than good. Here is the petition link:


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