Are Academy Schools Ruining Children’s Well Being 

Are academy schools ruining children’s education and well being?

Many worried parents are branding academy schools as prison camps.

Parents are not happy with the some what strict rules and regimented procedures, teachers, office workers and helpers within the schools are leaving in droves.

So what is so wrong with them?

One academy school lines children up for a uniform inspection before lessons start. Children are to wear the norm, shirt, tie, jumper, grey or black trousers and black shoes, sounds fair enough but the school for 7 to 10 year old is so strict that socks and hair bands are checked.

If a child’s socks are not grey or black the child is placed into isolation, even if the sock is the correct colour but has a small emblem on it this is against the rules.

Hair bands are fine as long as they are the correct shade of blue, bows or coloured hair bands are banned, if a child is seen to be wearing one they must take them out and then spend lunchtime in isolation.

Plain black shoes are to be worn for school and plain black trainers for physical education, any named branded shoes or trainers are prohibited, the likes of clarks, kickers or Nike are allowed as long as there is no logo on the outside of the footwear.

Parents are fuming, many stating that is nearly impossible to meet the requirements.

One mum said  “finding shoes that fit and are comfortable is hard enough but having to find ones with no marking and fit is nearly impossible, I don’t know how a shoe can affect my sons school work, my son shouldn’t be punished for my inability to meet their ridiculous requirements”.

Another academy school is timing children when they get changed for physical education, if a child doesn’t get in to their sports kit within 5 minutes they will lose some of their lunchtime.

One dad expressed his concerns “my daughter is 7, she Is not lazy or slow but has trouble doing buttons, she is a little girl, she really doesn’t need to be punished for struggling”.

Another school has changed the school start time by 15 minutes with only 5 days notice, if children are late they are again put into isolation.

Parents are struggling to get there earlier due to bus times, child care arrangements and transporting other children to separate schools.

What’s your take on academy schools? Does your child attend an academy school if so have you been happy with it so far?

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