As A Child I Was Not Allowed To Express Myself

As a child I was not allowed to express myself with hairstyles, makeup, or even clothing.. I never felt comfortable in myself because there was always something missing.

My hair wasn’t soft and silky like other girls so I felt dirty.
My skin was freckled and darker so I didn’t feel pretty.
My teeth were crooked so I didn’t like smiling.

As a parent now, I have tried my hardest to allow my girls to express themselves within reason, even if others might think it’s “too much”.

You want to wear a Batman mask to dinner at Applebee’s?? Do it.

That Easter basket can totally be a hat. So wear it on your head. You look beautiful.

Yes, capes are acceptable in the morning because capes are just awesome.

And yes, you can have dreadlocks if that is what makes you more comfortable because your hair isn’t soft and silky like other little girls.

I’m raising kids. Kids who want their creativity to be appreciated.
I’m raising girls who shouldn’t feel conformed to society’s standards of what is acceptable or “normal” if it’s not normal to them.
I’m raising women who will shatter the ceilings of the boxes they are told to fit into.

I’m raising little warriors and they deserve to feel as such.

And they don’t worry about their crooked teeth because they are smiling with the happiness that comes from being accepted and heard.



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