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Bath Time Could Have Turned Deadly

From Adriane~

Our family had a scare tonight that could have been tragic but God protected our family. Elizabeth (8) was taking a bath in our jacuzzi bathtub.

She went under the water to rinse her hair. The suction valve quickly sucked her hair through the holes in the suction cover, pinning her under the water. Thankfully, the water wasn’t covering her mouth and she was able to scream for help.

Had the water been any higher or had we not been in the room, the outcome may have been very different. We wanted to share here because we’ve never even thought of something like this happening and we want others to be aware.

After we drained the water, Jason was able to carefully thread her hair out. We were prepared to cut it off, but since she was not in any harm, we took a few minutes to save her hair.

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