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Beautiful And Brave Haley, Fighting To See Her Daughter Grow Up

My beautiful and brave friend Haley has been battling with illness since she was only 13 years old when diagnosed with endometriosis. When the pain became insufferable she opted to have an operation which cost her and her family £15,000 and cost Haley a large part of her womb and possibly her chance of ever becoming a mum. Haley went through all this whilst studying to become a pharmacist. 

However, in August 2017 Haley’s dreams came true as she qualified as a pharmacist, got her dream job and then found out that, against all odds, she was pregnant. 

In March 2018 after a difficult and worrying pregnancy Haley gave birth to their miracle baby girl, Ava. Haley and her fiance Ryan were overjoyed to finally have the family they thought they would never have and Haley’s health was looking up. 

Unfortunately in September 2018, only 6 months after having their beautiful baby girl and at the tender age of 25, Haley was told she had cervical cancer. She began a 6 month course of chemotherapy and showed us all just how amazing she is by going through this while continuing to smile and be an amazing Mummy. 

We all prayed that after her 6 rounds of chemo she would have a course of radiotherapy and she would be on the road to remission 

Sadly, on the 20th of February Haley was told her cancer has now spread to her bowel. Haley’s cancer is now stage 4. She has been advised that her best chance of beating this awful disease and watching her beautiful baby grow will be a treatment which is not currently funded by the NHS. 

We are hoping to raise enough money to cover Haley’s treatments and give her the best chance of one day being cancer free. 

If you can donate even the smallest amount we would be so grateful. 

Please share this far and wide,

Thank you

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