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Bulk Buying Calpol Can Kill Sick Children

So just a little story for all the stupid people in this world which I have never shared, especially the photos but something needs to be done about this and people seriously need to realise the risk they are putting on other when there is no need

Not many people know this because I wasn’t strong enough to talk about it as it was terrifying but my little Teigan contracted sepsis LAST MAY from tonsillitis she has a severely low immune system & she was extremely unwell & just a few hours later calling 999 or hadn’t had extensive training in all areas with work she would have quite likely have lost her life.

So anyway fast forward to now, she has been extremely unwell again for the past 2 weeks and we couldn’t get to the route of the problem, today we finally did as she now has infection markers she has tonsillitis again Most people will think oh just tonsillitis which yes maybe to many children but not Teigan her body seriously reacts to these things.

Now as you can imagine this mummy is now a paranoid mess, she got this poorly within 12 hours and it can happen so so quickly, I cannot stress how important it is that I keep her temperature down, antibiotics & full of medication due to her body being so weak and immune system being so low to prevent the sepsis from reoccurring.

So we come out the doctors I have calpol at home but need calpol and ibuprofen to alternate for her, we went to THREE chemists & TWO shops before I found any Ibuprofen for her!!! So for all you fucking stupid hoarders , if you have a child that is completely well & has no need for regular medication you DO NOT need 8 bottles of calpol at home that will sit in your cupboard for 2 years, we are not in crisis and the only conversation that has been had is schools and social gatherings potentially being cancelled and until there is just talk about potential of not being able to leave your homes, actually even then it’s not going to go on forever !!! Just spare a little thought for us parents that’s children really do need it!!!

Feel free to share so people can start seeing how stupid they are being and how much they are putting others at risk due to there selfishness! I have honestly never been so angry in my life!! Just a photo of what could potentially reoccur which I will do everything in my power for it not too but others may not be as aware/clued up just to get the point across a bit more!!!


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