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Can I get a ppp xx What is the actual process of getting a section and what is …

Can I get a ppp xx

What is the actual process of getting a section and what is the pain like? Ie getting the needle in your back etc? Been told I may need 1 but absolutely terrified at the thought of it xxx


8 thoughts on “Can I get a ppp xx What is the actual process of getting a section and what is …

  • barely a pinch. the worst part of the needle was the cold wipe on my back. wasnt expecting it. the actual section isnt too bad, its the recovery time thats the difficulty. it is major surgery. rest rest rest. otherwise it just prolongs the healing process and infection risks.

    different people have different experiences but my section was fantastic, trick is not to over think and relax, a bit like the dentist i guess

  • From experience feels like a normal sharp scratch ( like a blood test) and then you just feel pressure. Really not painful at all. I had an emergency c-section but was awake. I didn’t have a lot of time to numb, felt a bit of tugging but no pain as such ( I won’t give you a horror story). Recovery for me was really easy. You just have to be careful. Getting in and out of bed the first few weeks where quite tricky. Laughing, coughing and sneezing are not a walk in the park. But in no way was the pain unbearable you just need to take a little more time and care or you feel like your stomach muscles are being ripped apart. I was standing on cupboards 2 days after sorting out my new kitchen 🙈 so can’t have been that bad. Xx

  • My first section was an emergency so was put to sleep.
    Second section was elective so had the needle in my back, just felt a lot of pressure when they were putting it in. My second section was a horrible experience I’d never want to do it again, so I’m not having anymore babies now.
    However my recovery was fast with both of them, up and about the next day & back to ‘normal’ within a week, just took it easy & didn’t over do it. Xxx

  • I have had 3 first was an emergancy so was put to sleep other 2 were planned The cold spray was worse than the spinal for me! Once it’s in you won’t feel anything try and sit as still as possible when they putting it in. Recovery was different with all mine tbh and good luck x

  • As long as u keep still u will be fine it’s the 6 weeks after I didn’t like u can’t lift anything only the baby and remember if u do have a sEcton it is major surgery good luck.xx

  • If it’s anything like the epidural needle I would say you will be fine. Stay nice and still and it only feels like a sting xx

  • The needle in the backs not bad at all,I hardly noticed it n I’ve had 4 sections lol as long as u take the meds given pain should b minimal,the not being allowed to lift things was impossible for me as I had young kids but I managed fine,worst for me was I ended up with an infection in scar a couple of times and after one my wound wouldn’t heal,it was an inside stitch had worked its way out n stopped the healing process but if all goes smoothly u will b absolutely fine hun xx

  • The needle in your back is like a bee sting and the pain is over in a fev min.. a section is much faster than normal birth.. and the only time you have pain is when you start walking and when you have to take the plaster of after 3/6 weeks.. other than that no pain at all.. and you get to hold your baby mutch faster with a section


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