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Can I have a post please. Does anybody else have a child like this. My daughter…

Can I have a post please.

Does anybody else have a child like this.
My daughter is 21 months old. She doesn’t say one word, she understands me most of the time I think.
She doesn’t copy anything I say or do or show any interest in what I’m doing, she also doesn’t like interacting with other kids, if anybody comes near her other than me or my other daughter and mother she runs in the opposite direction. She does not listen at all I can be shouting her name for over 5 minutes and she doesn’t turn her head, it’s not her hearing as she can hear when her favourite tv show intro comes on in the other room. Also she isn’t interested in the tv for longer than 10/15 seconds. It’s so difficult on a daily basis to keep her entertained as she doesn’t want to watch tv, she doesn’t want to play with me she runs away if I get the toys and books out lol she just wanders around the house doing her own thing same at playgroups or she climbs on EVERYTHING. Her eating habits ( or lack of them) are also driving me insane! On top of refusing bed until after 10pm. We are playgroups and out of he house every morning and always out dropping her sister places so she deffo gets the fresh air and tired out!
Just curious if anybody else’s child behaves like this 🙈
Thanks x


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