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Can i have a pp please? My little boy was born 7 weeks ago. All was fine till 2 …

Can i have a pp please? My little boy was born 7 weeks ago. All was fine till 2 days ago where he does a blood curdling cry. Thats been my wake up call for the last 2 days. I try to wake up before him to catch him before he gets to that stage but hes so unpredictable atm as to when hes going to wake up atm so im apsolutley tiered which does not help. The last two days ive felt so down and lonely even though ive got people around me that are willing to help but heres the other thing. I feel like a rubbish parent for asking for help. I also feel worse after being told im feeding him the wrong milk (aptimal) which hes perfect on but because it isnt cow and gate which aparantly is the same but cheaper im doing it wrong. I know this person is probably right but im scared to try him on it as hes doing well on aptimal. Im a person who also cant do stayinf at home but i cant afford to run a car without a job to get out (i have a fear of busses thats why i passed my test). I feel as though even if i did get a p/t job iĺl be judged for leaving him too soon. I feel bad but i literally need more than 4 walls and a crying baby. I feel like i could parent better if i had that little break and a bit more money coming in to get him out. Dont know what im trying to achieve with this post just need to vent but i cant speak to anyone because i lost my friends when i had a baby and i dont want familt to worry


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