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Can I have a pp please I had my daughter 3 years ago and haven’t breast feed for…

Can I have a pp please
I had my daughter 3 years ago and haven’t breast feed for almost 2 anhalf years . Last month I ended up with mastitis it taken me over a week to see gp for antibiotics which by then I already had full blown infection on one breast . Started taking the antibiotics but nothing was improving next thing I notice the infection was coming out of my breast and I rushed to hospital. The infection was removed and was told to change the dressing which I did and was healing . Last Thursday I started to feel the breast was very sore again went gp and he told me not to worry it was just healing by Friday I couldn’t even put a bra on as the pain was unreal again by Saturday I was back at hospital to find out I have mastitis again on the same breast and back on higher antibiotics but I had to pick them up from hospital on Sunday which I did now it’s Monday and I just feel like I’m going back the same road as I don’t think I got the antibiotics on time again as I feel like I’m getting messed about from gps to hospital and the infection is even worse now.. I been transferred to a breast specialist but yet again there’s a wait for that also of 2-6 weeks .. I just don’t know what to do as no one can tell me why I’m getting mastitis as I ain’t breast feeding so there’s no milk there and why I have got them already 2 times one month after the other . I’m in so much pain and just feel like I’m getting pushed from gp and hospital and they leaving me waiting for antibiotics for too long and once I start them it’s too late . Has anyone been through this that can help? Many thanks x


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