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Can i have a ppp? I have this friend and i dont no wither i should cut ties with…

Can i have a ppp? I have this friend and i dont no wither i should cut ties with her or not? Maybe ye could help. Shes had a very bad upbringing so shes a very negative person . Iv always done my best to support her. For example this morning i had woken up with a message from her saying shes crying her eyes out she dont no whats wrong with her shes depressed and she has no fags. I got up didnt even eat shower nothing spent my last tenner on a taxi into her gave her half my fags even duh iv no job and no payments at the moment baut her a cofee and toke her for a walk around the park. But she never ever asks how i am? Like ever? Its always about her and how bad she feels and how she has no money and i always suggest she gets a job and she says she cant due to anxiety . She was on a course but dropped out she said due to back problems. But later on she had forgot she said that to me and than said it was anxiety problems why she dropped out. I feel awfull for thinking it but i just feel shes lazy! I suffer with anxiety myself but i still manage. Shes always hanging off me for money. Anytime i see her i always walk away with no money really left and i dont no how shes often being starving and id buy her takeaway with my last bit of money. Id be clothes shopping and shes like oh i love this top or those shoes and i buy them for her. But than i notice when she really needs money she can pull it out of nowhere ? I dont no if im being taken for a mug or not? Or maybe shes just genuine going threw a really hard time? Also she had a lad that raped me sister call in when i was there the other day which was upsetting for me. Whats yer views?


5 thoughts on “Can i have a ppp? I have this friend and i dont no wither i should cut ties with…

  • Money isn’t everything. But if she nos this fella raped ur sister and had him at the house while ur there she’s no friend!!

  • Stop buying things for her or giving her things and you’ll soon find out if she’s using you or not

  • Personally I don’t think you can comment on her anxiety and decide what it’s like based on your own some suffer a lot more than others like myself. As for buying her things just don’t why don’t you offer her to come round etc for food or coffee instead of buying it out and when she says she likes something just say yeah that’s nice or whatever you do not have to buy her anything ! She’s probably just got into a habit of relying on you for everything because you just give in which you are being a good friend when really that’s not going to help her . There a courses you can go on for anxiety maybe offer to go along to one with her or something. If she turns nasty when you don’t pay for things no more then that’s when you know what to do xx


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