Can i have a ppp? I need a vent. I’m so frustrated. Tired. Anxious. Depressed. …

Can i have a ppp?
I need a vent.
I’m so frustrated. Tired. Anxious. Depressed. Stressed. Anything that goes with raising a 1 year old on my own basically. My man works 7days a week from 8am till 9pm. I live in a upper flat, with no family nearby, I live at the bottom of a very steep hill. I’m off work with postnatal depression and anxiety. The advise from my healthcare worker is to get out more often. But it’s just so difficult. I don’t drive either. I’m just in one big mess and can’t get 9ut the bit. My sons into everything now he’s walking and climbing. He gets bored after a certain time. Im doing my best to be a good mum to him abd keep it together but I’m losing my shit.
Can a house or flat make u ill? I feel this has all stemmed from the flat. The lighting in my bedroom is dull with not much natural light. I wake up tired every morning despite my son sleeping through. I’m just in a dark place.
I’m so annoyed at my partner, he has chose to work on his days off “for extra money” which I’ve told him it means nothing when we are struggling on a daily basis. I’ve recently had my antidepressants raised to 30mg but I need then up again as I’m still as bad. It’s the anxiety I’m struggling with. I’m not eating as my son doesn’t let me cook for screaming to be lifted. Which is a new thing
Last night when I was trying to sleep my body was twitching, as if it was reviving itself. I got a lightning white light when I shut my eyes. I thought I was going to die. My heart started rain and panicking. I can never get a doctor’s appointment as there’s a shortage of Drs in my surgery. I just feel so unwell. Bloods been done twice and theyr all fine now.
I’ve been going days at times without food. Just because I forget and cba with the screaming. X


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