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Can I have a ppp I need advice because I feel like I have no one right now and …

Can I have a ppp I need advice because I feel like I have no one right now and I don’t know how much I can cope with so my partner cheated on me over a year ago I forgave him because he is everything he does everything and is really nice to me and my daughter treats us so well etc. But the paranoia is eating me alive I can’t go on he has jokes at work with girls back and forward when they prank each others emails to all staff etc and sometimes it’s a bit rude whatever its meant to be a joke But I said to him I didn’t like it it’s still not stopped now things like we had a agreement that he would give me his rota so I would know when he was at work so I would know due to him lying to me when he cheated last year about being at work and really was with a colleague now he’s never brought this rota home there always extra shifts bla bla it might be normal but I can’t get rid of the paranoia and he making out like I’m crazy cause I get upset. I feel like it’s time to leave even though I love him but the trust Is breaking and I’m starting to think he’s lying all the time. I’m 22 weeks pregnant and I’m breaking my heart thinking leaving him leaves me on my own with two kids under 4 I can’t do that it scares he he’ll out of me I’ve no friends here nothing so what do I do leave and be a single mum to two kids no friends nothing I’m also scared to live alone 😢😢


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