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Can I have a private post please on private chat. Sorry for the long post feel…

Can I have a private post please on private chat.

Sorry for the long post feeling broken!
I started seeing my partner in 2012 things have been very complicated from the off. We were together until Jan 2015 when I left due to several different reasons I won’t go into. We got back together November 2015 and things have been going really well since or at least I thought. We’ve moved out and his son has started calling me mummy (again complicated) but not what I’m posting about. I’ve been there for his son since we got together and his mum isn’t on the scene. That’s all I feel I need to say on that matter.

Anyway about 4 months after we got together I caught an STI was convinced it was from my ex fiance as he had been cheating on me. Was completely honest with my current partner about it from the off spoke to him before I went to the doctors and then the clinic. Was completely open and honest about it! He said he didn’t care he loved me anyway and it wasn’t my fault. I then thought he had caught it off of me. It has complicates our relationship and I was devastated that I had put him through it.

Today I saw something on his phone and decided to look at his emails.. NOT SOMETHING I HAVE EVER DONE BEFORE. It’s really not something I would normally do but was really confused about what I had seen.

Reading through the emails from him and his ex before me it turns out SHE gave it to him and he gave it to me!

I haven’t said anything to him yet but I feel so broken and confused.. I’ve lived feeling guilty all these years that it was me! I’ve cried to him and apologised so many times and he’s never said a word!

Sorry for the long post I just don’t know what to do. 😢


5 thoughts on “Can I have a private post please on private chat. Sorry for the long post feel…

  • Is it a treatable sti?& if hes been lying and indeed he gave it to you you need to have it out with him. You cant be feeling guilty when it wasnt your fault

  • What a horrible person letting you carry that burden for so long without him saying a word. Your understandably feeling heartbroken because he let you down but I would plan a revenge plot on him. He is a piece of work!

  • Just shows you’re a much better, more honest and decent person than he is! What he’s done is disrespectful letting you believe it was you! X


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