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Can I have a private post please? This is long.. me and My 4 siblings were take…

Can I have a private post please? This is long..
me and My 4 siblings were taken out my mums care 10 years ago by social workers for my mum being a bad drug addict and neglecting us. (Best thing that’s happened to us!!) My siblings are all split up living with separate family members and 2 siblings adopted. I lived with a family member that brought me up so well and I got a good career my own house etc I’m engaged pregnant with my first baby and happy😊!! Anyway mum still a complete drug addict and she is EVIL. She has supervised contact with 2 of my siblings and really tries to Brain wash them making them think she’s innocent etc. She drugged me when I was 3 year old by putting amitryptolene and another drug in my bottle and if it wasn’t for a family member of mine visiting and noticing something was wrong with me I would’ve been dead.. don’t not know how she didn’t get jailed for this.. this isn’t even half of what she’s done over the years since I was born.. Well today my mum started on a family member of mine who takes care of two of my siblings and I got involved by telling my mum to basically piss off and I flipped because she’s nothing to us!! She just causes trouble all the time and that’s it! She then phoned me threatening me ! And then wrote bad false things on her Facebook that could actually cause so much shit if anyone was accused of the things she accused me of. Anyway I’ve cut all ties with her now that’s it blocked her from everything. But I’m so depressed now. My partner is so stressed and frustrated with it and it’s just so embarrassing and hurtful!! I love my happy life but this is bringing me down seriously tonight and to think she still is able to see my siblings makes me sick because as soon as they turn 16 they’re gonna be so vulnerable to this sick evil twisted woman! Opinions??


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