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Can I have a private post please? I was due on my period on the 5th May, I stil…

Can I have a private post please?

I was due on my period on the 5th May, I still haven’t come on. We have been trying for a baby and have got pregnant but unfortunately we had a miscarriage. I’ve been having lots of discharge (sorry 🙈) it’s sometimes clear, sometimes like egg whites. I’m so exhausted and constantly crying over pathetic things. I already have a little girl and sometime I find myself just rubbing my belly like I did before. My belly is bloated and hard at the top but feels fuller at the bottom. I’ve done pregnancy test and the doctors did a blood test all which came back negative. He also tested all my other hormones and said they were normal. My boobs kill and I have had like colostrum come out of them since my period has been delayed. I really don’t know what to do. Any advice would be great 🙂


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  • When u are so desperate for a baby u tend to get all symptoms it’s like a fantam pregnancy we tryed for years I had 8 miscarriages so I definitely understand the desperation we stopped trying and just started to enjoy each other again and we felt pregnant we have 2 beautiful girls 14 and 7 x

  • Over thinking and wanting a baby so much can bring on these symptoms. Give it a few more days then test again but I would say try and put it put of your mind.

  • Stressing over it will definitely not help. This is coming from someone who has been through this. I was always stressed about it too and I totally understand what you’re going through. I would advise to stop thinking about it, book yourself a wee holiday with your family, enjoy yourself and be happy. Forget about the baby at the moment. It will happen when you least expect it. That’s what I did and it happened. Good luck x

  • Well your obviously not pregnant if they did blood work. Could just be an off month. Stress can cause periods to change. You might not think your stressed but subconsciously you could be. Could be anything but I wouldn’t be getting your hopes up it’s a pregnancy if the bloods came back negative. Will just cause u more upset when u finally do come on.

  • I did 8 pregnancy tests before getting a positive with my 2nd pregnancy. Xx


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