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Can I have a private post please? We have a gp appointment tomorrow but I can’t …

Can I have a private post please?
We have a gp appointment tomorrow but I can’t help feeling like I’ve failed my son. He’s 6 and always been thin, he’s lost half a stone in a few weeks and just hasn’t been himself for a while now. We put his behaviour changes down to the arrival of his little sister two years ago, she’s been very poorly with allergies to food and environmental and still doesn’t sleep through the night so I’m very sleep deprived and living day to day anyway. So the behaviour changed he got moody and angry and extra tearful a while ago put it down to feeling pushed out, I’ve left my job now and just work weekends so I can spend more time with him. Not helped. Complaining o headaches the teacher suggested and eye test that come back all fine so she suggested maybe just attention seeking.
But now he’s been getting poorly every couple of weeks this is the third time in about two months he’s basically just got a fever his temp keeps going up and down for 24hrs n he’s just slept it off every time and been ok. He sounds like he’s got a sore throat it sounds swollen and he’s complaining of a sore neck like he’s slept funny, but again he’s ok in himself, nothing id ordinarily wisk him up a&e for so gp tomorrow. He’s also got a long history or nose bleeds.
I realise this sounds all confusing because I’m typing it out really fast, but all these symptoms are making me worry it’s something else inside that’s making him lose weight, made him tired and moody, making him get fevers every few weeks. I feel like I should have noticed before but I’ve been too busy with my daughter and just getting through each day. I know there’s no one to advise on the medical side of things I think I just need to get this off my chest and see what other mums think?


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