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Can I have a private post plz *** ANON POST *** Ok here goes I have a daughte…

Can I have a private post plz
*** ANON POST ***

Ok here goes I have a daughter age 3 me And the mom Are going through court to gain access to contact my ex partner has pulled out a stunt saying my daughter isnt mine my blood I have been there from the beginning I am on the B/C and got P/R. We been doing a court order contact in a contact centre on the moms terms of 1 hour a week the mum has told my daughter I am not her daddy so my she calls me by my name which is hard for a father I spoken to her saying it is daddy silly but she says mummy told me to call you by your name she is 3 she got upset last week in the contact centre because she told mummy she doesn’t want to see me I asked her why she says she wants to see me all the time from her own mouth her eyes was watering so here is the problem the DNA test that the court are getting us to take I have got a solicitor she has legal aid if the DNA comes back negative I don’t want to loose my daughter blood or not she is my child help me plz x we have been in court for 6 months and the next hearing is in just over a week.
I don’t want to loose her


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