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Can you post for me please? My little girl is 3 in Oct and will be starting nurs…

Can you post for me please?
My little girl is 3 in Oct and will be starting nursery. The problem is she doesn’t eat! I’ve tried everything she literally lives off toast yoghurts and Turkey dinosaurs! I’ve tried veg fruit etc she had none of it and tells me she doesn’t like it won’t even try it. My question is how did you all over come a very very fussy eater thanks xx


8 thoughts on “Can you post for me please? My little girl is 3 in Oct and will be starting nurs…

  • All my girls were the same and still are, just don’t force it. When at nursery you can speak with the teachers and explain she’s not too good with eating and they will also encourage her. They’ll have snack time with fruits etc and with other children eating she may then try some too. My 4yo has only recently started trying more foods, although always loved fruit she wouldn’t eat anything other than popcorn chicken for dinner! She’s now started trying new foods, and as she’s noticing others enjoying them she’s became interested in trying them too. The more you push the less they will try, all of my girls went through stages of just yoghurts and cheese, pasta or turkey dinosaurs and popcorn chicken. It can be hard work, but asking as she’s healthy and is eating and you’re introducing say one thing new each week, that’s fine. Even if she doesn’t try it, introduce it anyway. One day she may surprise you! If you notice her trying it don’t make a big fuss either until finished trying, this can put them off on trying anymore. Well that’s what I found when doing so anyway.

  • My 1 year old is the same! She started nursery today and was esting when i went to pick her up! Eating around other children might encourage her to eat mkre foods x

  • She will learn to eat what they have at nursery or will come home starving ….Some kids will eat better away from home than they do at home ….you will just have to wait and see how it goes

  • My little girl (2y 8m) went through a phase of not eating much. We notice she is very much a social eater and eats so much better when around other people eating.
    I have also started to get her involved with cooking. Simple things like beating the eggs for an omlette or putting the pasta in the pan or mixing things. She definatley eats more if she has helped to make it.

  • My son eats all his food at childminders. Yet when he’s at home I struggle to get him to eat! Lol he’ll pick at bits but only what he wants to eat he’s also 3 xx

  • My son is a very fussy eater, he only likes sausages, fish fingers, chips and jam sandwiches but when he is at nursery, he will try everything they give them and he will literally either have 2nds or even 3rds. x

  • when he see other kids eating he will eat same.. my daughters wont eat anything with a mild spice in at home yet will eat it when theyr with children


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