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Can you post for me please: Okay so there’s this guy who I have some feelings f…

Can you post for me please:

Okay so there’s this guy who I have some feelings for or more of an attachment I would say. I met him when I was 17 n am now almost 23. Back then, I used to party a lot, he would stay with me off n on n we were obv sleeping together. I then moved away out of State but we always kept contact off n on. Well he moved out to Florida around the time I met my kids father but would come back to Maine to visit sense he has a son here. Well around that time I had met my kids dad n eventually I cut off contact with him n got serious with my kids dad. He ended up meeting a girl in Florida n went on to have two kids with her. I had a kid with my guy but it ended up being a horrible DV situation. Fast forward to now, he is back in Maine n my kids dad n I have broken up for good. He is jail for another 2 or so months. & this guy n I have started talking again. Thing is though is he has a lot of kids n all w. Different moms …he has 4 total, plus 4 more that he fathers from his sons mom. Plus he couch hops right now(just can’t find a place) he works, he is a great dad, but he is in his late 30s n still parties all the time. I don’t, I am a stay at home mom. Anyway, he wants to come spend the night (sense he would be driving from a town over late at night) but I just dot really feel comfortable about if. For one, I am VERY picky about who I allow in my home n around my daughter. And I am just worried about how she would react if she woke up in the morning to some strange man in her home. She is 1.5 years old. Not to mention I am pregnant n due in 2 months. It just seems like he wants sex more than an actual relationship w. Me. & that isn’t what I am looking for. Plus he goes from girl to girl way too often. N I can’t n will not have that drama around my child. Plus I just feel like I need time to figure myself out n focus on my kids. I know I don’t want a relationship w. Him but we have never been just friends if that makes sense. Well he has been texting n calling me sense last night n I have bay responded because he wants to come over n spend the night but I don’t know how to respond. At the same time it would be nice to see him n I never have company so it might be nice to hang n catch up just worried about if he tries to turn it into something else. So sorry for the long post but what should I do or say to him??


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  • I agree. Tell him, while it would be great to see him and catch up, you hope he appreciates that you’re pregnant, have moved on & am not looking to further the ‘relationship’ you had as you’ve moved on !!! If he values your friendship he’ll understand, if however he was after a one-night stand with stayover added in, then he’s sadly mistaken !!!
    Make up a put-up bed bed for him, so neither he, nor your daughter get the wrong idea !!


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