Could I get a ppp. I just need some advice please. Not baby related… So….. M…

Could I get a ppp. I just need some advice please. Not baby related…
My parents next door neighbour apparently has bipolar, she’s quite old now I’m guessing 62ish maybe more. Anyway she got it under control but the past 2 weeks she’s been absolutely terrible! Worse than before. Everytime someone leaves my parents house she verbally abusing them. Tonight she’s done it twice, one time to my dad, the second to me. Now the things she is saying are absolutely vile. Swearing, making up stories etc, calling everyone names. Tonight she verbally abused me whilst I had my 6 year old with me who got extremely upset! Now I understand she’s ill but it’s getting beyond a joke now. And I’m pregnant and I was scared for my safety and also hers so I rang the police. They said I’m not the first to report her and they are worried etc that they think it’s more than bipolar. Now me and my family know she’s ill but I dread to think if she verbally attacks someone she doesn’t know they might hear her! The worse thing is her husband allows her to sit outside ALL day abusing people, he obviously hears because she has the door open. She sits out from atleast 5am – 1am everyday. Her child visit on a regular basis and they have warned us of her illness, but I fear they aren’t actually helping her. The police have said next time it happens to video her so they have evidence, basically so they can get her the help she obviously isn’t getting. Am I wrong for informing the police?


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