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Could I have a post please. So yesturday I found out I’m having twins I have a…

Could I have a post please.

So yesturday I found out I’m having twins I have a 2 year old son and I’m terrified. Emotionally I haven’t taken this in I can’t see the positives at the min, I no I should be over the moon, me and my partner was trying for another one but wasn’t expecting twins. I struggled to carry my son as I have painful joints I’m so scared. I don’t no what to expect with twins how there born what happens will I cope šŸ˜• as my partner works in the ambulance service.
Has anyone been in the same situation? Also I’m feeling so poorly sickness and tiredness is crazy all I want to do is sleep all day will this get easier?

Thank you x


6 thoughts on “Could I have a post please. So yesturday I found out I’m having twins I have a…

  • My oldest was 10 months old when I was told I was expecting twins. I say and went through every single thing you are now (I think everyone does). Twins can be born either natural or c section (same as a single baby) in fact most hospitals opt for natural providing everything is well with mum and babies (I myself have only ever had emergency sections). As you know some twins are born early and require some help but again not always (one of my boys needed to stay in nicu 5 days while my youngest single son was in 4 weeks). Try to get into a routine as soon as possible though as it will help. With a twin pregnancy you will see a specialist consultant (I did) and will have more scans and tests and stuff. My boys are now almost 6 (with a 7 and 3 year old brother) and we made it although the 1st 2 years were a struggle to go medical problems. It is the most amazing experience so try to relax and enjoy šŸ™‚ x

  • I didn’t have twins but wish I did as there’s only 9 months bet my 2 eldest lol!! Would have been much easier to have them doing the same thing at same time rather than one newborn and one learning to walk lol!! If u already have one u know the basics ul be fab! Make sure you’ve got lots of family n friends around u šŸ™‚ have a good routine oh and congratulations!!!! X

  • Ive been told last week im also having twin, my lb has just turned 4 today. Im scared too bit trying to think on the postive side, also sufferer from bad knees, have done since i was 14, somebody said to me you are given two babies as you have twice as much love to give.

  • I have 5 year old twins girls identical 6 in September I had them when I was 18 and I was scared but I managed and I was a single mum was living on my own and just got on with it and I had them by c section but was meant to have them normally but didn’t happen as they was stubborn and came at 37 weeks healthy girls as we was home next day šŸ˜€

  • I have 5 year old twin girls. it’s the best thing in the world. they were born by c section. I had a very strict routine, fed at the same time, bed at the same time and as they got older and started solids they had their meals a certain times every time and napped at the same time during the day. they were sleeping through the night from 7 months. they always have each other to play with and their bond is lovely, they do argue a bit but then don’t all sisters lol. u will cope with twins, I was the same as u and was so worried, more worried I wouldn’t no who was who as they r identical lol but I never worried about it when they were born, as a mum u no what needs to b done and u find a way to do it. u will b fine honestly. pm me if u like x

  • I had twin boys at 19, the day after my eldest turned 3. Its great, they’re now 14. Had them naturally at 38 weeks weighing 6lb 6ozs & 5lbs 7ozs. Were home the next day. Once in a routine it was easier. They are the best of friends yet also the worst of enemies! Lol you learn to manage. Congratulations!


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