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Could I have a private post please. I’m not going to get in to too much detail,…

Could I have a private post please.

I’m not going to get in to too much detail, my partner and I are are expecting a baby and he has 2 kids from a previous relationship. The social services has already been involved with the mother of those 2 kids for a few reasons. 2 nights ago, my partners ex got arrested and was charged for 3x crimes, assault, driving offence (she tried to run us off the road with the 2 kids, “who were not strapped in to there car seats” out of rage because we said we couldn’t take the kids Saturday for personal reasons but could take them Sunday and Monday) anyways as she committed a reckless driving offence with 2 kids involved the police told us that social services would be informed through them. We also contacted social services as we have our own concerns about the children living there. All access for the kids coming to us has been stopped as she’s on bail and isn’t allowed to have any contact with us untill she’s up in court next month. The next day when the ex partner got released on bail she was up at the pub getting wasted with her now current partner and the kids were down at the grandparents (her parents house). My partner went down to ask the grandparents if he could get HIS kids on which the refused and said no. We were advised by a social worker to go through a solicitor and seek advice. My questions are, although we would spend every last penny we had to go through a solicitor we just don’t have that kind of funds, is there a way we could go and get access that wouldn’t cost as much? What are the chances of my partner getting full time residency of his kids? how to go about it? Also with the police involving the social what will happen to her there? Sorry for the long post and no bashing please as my partner loves his kids more than anything and just wants them to be with him safe. Just looking for some advice. X


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