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Could i please have a private post ladies So my partner left me on Saturday a…

Could i please have a private post ladies 😊

So my partner left me on Saturday after 5 years together and getting married next year. The reason being he can’t cope with my depression he said when i get low i’m a horrible person, I can’t go in to detail about what caused my depression etc in case any one knows me on the page. He’s not supporting at all and every time i get low he leaves me and tells me how horrible i am. So the purpose of my post is this……is he right to leave when i get low and should i make more of an effort to fight this and not let it turn me in to a horrible person or should he be supportive and help me through it even if it means me being a “horrible” person. I try so so hard to control my depression and most of the time i do well but there is times it does get a grip but every time he leaves me when i get low it cripples me even more, I hate this illness i hate what it’s turned me in to i miss the old me so so much.

Thank you ladies 😘


9 thoughts on “Could i please have a private post ladies So my partner left me on Saturday a…

  • He should support you but in all honesty I can see it must be difficult for him when you’re being ‘horrible’. I know it isn’t your fault but when my partner was at his lowest point, I was always on eggshells around him. He’d lose his temper and say some very hurtful things. Every tiny thing and he’d be biting my head off. I was so miserable and our kids weren’t happy either being shouted at over every little thing. In the end I told him to get help else he’d lose me and the kids. He went to the doctors and was put on antidepressants. Didn’t help that at the time he was jobless so when he got a job things picked up too. He got better. Are you taking any medication or getting any couselling/help? I’m sure your partner loves you but probably doesn’t know how to support you. He should be sticking by you for better or worse though and I’m sorry he’s left and made you feel even worse πŸ™ Definitely sit down with him and get it all out x

  • Both surely ur in a relationship u both should look out for each other…but sometimes the only way t help someone is to give them the space t help themselves too.just a flip side thought …as much as u should be fully supported- I also get there’s only so much u can take from someone u love who loves u b4 they drag u t that dark place with them…swings and roundabouts I guess from me!!

  • As someone in your partners position all I’ll say is what a prat he is!
    If he cant support you and stand by you when your depression is at its worse then he doesn’t deserve you. Depression is a pain in the arse! Take some time for you,do your self cares relax and focus on yourself not him.
    He clearly has no understanding or empathy towards mental health or the impact it has on people. No its not easy to stand by and watch whilst the depression takes its grip but he needs to realise you’ve got it far far worse. ‘He can’t cope’ why a joke,at least he has a choice of the things he can cope with unlike the sufferers of this illness.
    Stay strong,head up πŸ’š

  • As a partner to some one who suffers depression amongst other things it’s hard for us too. We do get days where we think it’s us helping make you feel the way you do, we watch when you’re down and there’s nothing we can do. It is hard for everyone. I think the best thing to do is talk to him and get to the root of the problem, only yous will know if it’s worth fighting for x

  • Don’t ever ever hate yourself, or who you’ve become. You’re a good person, depression is an absolute ballsack, it makes us someone we’re not sometimes, but that’s not your fault. I have been in that exact situation, I’ve been called every name under the sun and left behind because when I was depressed, I wasn’t what the person signed up for…I think in relationships, real relationships, you sign up for everything, good and bad, sickness and health. If someone isn’t prepared to stand by you, and help you when you’re down, then they don’t deserve someone to be committed to them either. Work on yourself for a while, get better, be happy, for you and no one else, and you’ll soon see you deserve so much more ❀ here if you ever want to vent xx

  • My husband left me 4 weeks ago after 5 years being together. He also said he couldn’t cope with my mental health problem either (I’m bipolar). Turns out, that was bollocks and he’d met someone else.

  • No he sud support u when ur at ur lowest point n all other time in between tell him that every time he leaves it hurts u witch dosent help u yes it hard having depression I waz horrible to my oh but he helped me n we got through it together xx

  • Unfortunately not everyone understands depression or mental health sit down and talk him about how you feel


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