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*Dairy allergies* My little girl has cows allergies but the doc has told me she…

*Dairy allergies*

My little girl has cows allergies but the doc has told me she will grow out of fingers crossed as finding it hard actually to buy stuff for her that doesn’t contain any dairy. Are there any parents on here experiencing the same thing and to help with what foods I can get her.. and also has ur little 1s grown out of it tia xx


9 thoughts on “*Dairy allergies* My little girl has cows allergies but the doc has told me she…

  • There’s a good closed group on here that has helped me loads with my wee boy, it’s called CMPA support for weaning. All of the mums have brilliant suggestions and tips not just for weaning stage but for older children too. Definitely recommend having a look 🙂

  • My middle girl was like this she out grown at the age of 5. Try things with soya and I made a lot of food from scratch. My child has other allagy as well. Egg nuts wops bees and penaciln.

  • You don’t have to buy the over priced free from products as most store brand products are dairy free as dairy is to expensive an ingredient .
    It’s just a case of label checking everything , it does get easier .

    My son hasn’t out grown his dairy allergy it’s 50/50 as to whether they do

  • My son is 3 was diagnosed at few months old which cmpa he has now been diagnosed with soya allergy and there’s concerns about a wheat allergy but my son can’t be tested for coeliac disease due to him not tolerating cross contamination of wheat let alone eating it all

  • my daughters dietition helped loads she told us don’t bother with the labelled dairy free stuff theres sooo much stuff thats actually dairy free witch you dont realise. you just need to read labells quite alot of own brand stuff hasnt got dairy in it. alot of crisps and that hasnt got dairy in.

  • My daughter was lactose intolerant as a baby, now she’s 7 and can eat anything dairy, although we do have to be careful as she now has ibs

  • She can have all meat and veg. Most bread, crisps, rice cakes, cereal just double check ingredients. Oreos, coco pops, cream crackers , party rings. Tescos own rich tea, bourbons, angel cake, jaffa cakes are all dairy free. There’s loads once you get used to checking labels it’s easy

  • I’ve had 2 with cmpa and both out grew it by 2 try looking and supermarket own brands as I found a lot where dairy free x


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