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Hello can I have a private post please? I need some advice. My daughter is 5 y…

Hello can I have a private post please?

I need some advice. My daughter is 5 years old and has been having problems with a boy in her class. Twice now I have had to have words with the child protection woman at her school. This boy keeps lifting her dress up to try to look under her knickers so now she has to wear cycle shorts to school. The boy has been told this is unacceptable and parents spoken to. Well today I get stopped by the child protection lady again and she says there has been another incident. This boy has played a “game” with my daughter at school and has put his hands up her dress and touched her privates! I am so angry and upset right now. The school has said they will keep them apart but surely they need to ring social services on the boys parents?it’s not normal for a 5 year old to do this?


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  • She shouldn’t have to wear anything. He is the one with the problem and it just teaches her that its her fault. Ring SS, he might not understand how severe this is but his parents need help drumming it in.

  • If the school won’t then Ring social services yourself Hun it needs takin further if the school won’t do anythin then complain to ofsted, ring ss an I would go to papers about there failure to protect your daughter x

  • No its not and I’d be making formal complaints to social services, ofsted and your local MP. The school knew that your daughter was being targeted by this boy and in their care, she was assaulted. I’d be demanding that either this boy be removed from school or I recommend moving your daughter. You said that this boy and his family have been warned and nothings changed so don’t take the risk and don’t be fobbed off. Best wishes to you and your daughter and if you need anything advice regarding this etc please message me (not going into detail on here with my own situation but it’s similar to something that’s happened in my family). The NSPCC and Mosac both have great advice on their websites and phone lines as well. Big hugs and I hope your little lady is doing okay x

  • Yea this needs taking further my five year old boy would never do that he knows and understands the pants rule


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