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hello, can i have a private post please So it might be a long one, but basical…

hello, can i have a private post please 😊

So it might be a long one, but basically my sons father was out of his life for two years after my son went to stay with him one weekend and when he dropped him back off with me, my son had the worst ear infection to where it was dripping fluid, and my ex left it and did nothing all weekend, he also when dropped off with me had left him in a nappy all day til the point when he came home his bum was red raw, so i quickly took my son to out of hours, i text my ex that night with what happened and he never replied for about 5-6 months after when he wanted to see him again, and at that point i was like point blank no, fast forward to last year i had some personal problems and was pretty much black mailed into letting my sons dad back in his life, which i wasn’t happy about but had to do it.
So my son was going every weekend to his dads, and everything seemed fine, he even started paying maintenance before xmas for about 3 weeks of Β£30.00 a week, then over xmas he lost his job and said when he finds a new job, he”ll start helping me again with maintenance, so after xmas he started a new job, and refused point blank to pay, with every excuse under the sun, bills, debt, etc…but could afford a new car and tattoos which him “mum” paid for, i let it all slide as i didnt want confrontation, but last week i asked for money to help with new uniform for school as our son is growing out out of his and its expensive, and he said hed give me money in the holidays towards it…So after this i rang CMA and started a claim towards him, all i want is for him to take some responsibility and pay for his son, like any father should do. He has this money to go out to the pub, pay for things for his girlfriend, and when my son comes home he always says “daddy has no money” so thats why i rang… Now im worried for when they get in contact with my ex, we had a volatile relationship, and things happened in that relationship which i’m not going to discuss…should i be worried? Should i have just waited until he was “ready” to pay? Also he has two other kids from other women who he doesn’t see or pay for, so should i just be lucky he sees our son? I don’t know why i’m feeling like his…I guess i’m just scared of the outcome.
Thank you.


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