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Hey. Can i have a private post please? I need some advice. Firstly I shall apo…

Hey. Can i have a private post please?
I need some advice.
Firstly I shall apologise for the long post.
Basically, last night I went on a night out with a group of friends. I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol as i was driving. It started of great..
Anyways lets get to the point. I have a life long friend (hes a guy) and normally hes alot of fun! However last night he took a dark turn. The more he drank, the more he got abit touchy feely. I didn’t think much of it as i just saw him as the normal drunken idiot lol. Around 1am we sent him home. Anyways, fast forward 3 hours, I get a panicked call from my mum, (she was sleeping at my house looking after my children) saying someone is in the house and for me to get home asap! (I was at MacDonald with another drunken friend) got to home, to find this life long friend, had broken into my house with the intention of sleeping with me (I am not interested in him like that!!). So I got home, told him to get into my car and i will drive him home. (This is where it turns bad) as i was driving, he started touching me up, reaching over, putting his hand down my top, kissing and biting me despite me telling him no, and my other friend telling him to sit back.
We pull up outside his house, and i ask him to get out my car.. (it took 30-45mins to get him out of it!) Whilst trying to get him out of it, he was demanding sexual favours as an “exchange” to get him out, as well as still intending of coming back to mine with me! In the end, he eventually agreed to get out the car.. in doing this, he slammed my car door with so much force is knocked out the electrical connection that works the windows, threatened me, and walked of calling me every name under the sun. All because I didn’t want to sleep with him! I feel very lucky I had another friend with me otherwise it couldve been so much worse!
Anyways, I’ve spoken to a couple of friends about this, who also know him, and seem to believe in overreacting by telling him to stay away from me.
Am i overreacting?


11 thoughts on “Hey. Can i have a private post please? I need some advice. Firstly I shall apo…

  • Not at all and I would expect him to pay for the damage to your car and if he did any damage to your house.
    He is lucky you did not call the police!

  • I would have rang the police there and then and got them to drag the cunt out the car. Tell get to fuck.

  • Certainly not over reacting at all. Glad you had someone else with you. Hope you and your mum are both ok?

  • No your not overreacting your doing the right thing your better getting shot of him! He’s done wrong and that’s unforgivable xxx

  • No way. You are not over reacting. And it sounds like sexual harassment. Personally I would go to the police about it. If anything were to ever happen in the future the police can arrest him and will have evidence of previous xx

  • no you are not!!! that sounds so scary like if your mum wasnt at yours he could have sexually assaulted you i dunno his behaviour sounds really sketchy! you dont need people like that in your life what a weirdo who breaks into someones house for sex?!

  • Alcohol was clearly the route of this but nah keep away from him he might do it again and u might not be so lucky


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