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Hey can I have a private post please, Just need some help for a friend, her par…

Hey can I have a private post please,

Just need some help for a friend, her partner has left her a week before her due date, for another woman that we’ve just found out about, she is heart broken and has no family near her to help her out. I’ve been the best I can be and helped her and told her il be there with her throughout it, they have a house together and bills etc and she panicking so much as she’s only on maternity leave and we all know that’s hardly much to live off, even worse being on your own. He’s telling her it’s her fault they spilt up as she was controlling etc, I guess I’m just wanting advice from people that have been through the same situation and can give her any advice as she don’t think she can do this on her own, I’ve told her over and over again she will and she will be so in love when that baby comes. She’s just self doubting herself constantly, I’m kinda at my wits end and don’t know what else I can say to her to help! I’ve never been in this position, so i need some help really, he wants to stay in the house with her and help out with the baby still, but I don’t feel this is the best thing for them? As he lied about the other woman and said he will see how things go with getting back together but now it’s all came out he’s told her he deffo don’t want to get back with my friend and wants the other woman still. Tia x


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