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Hi all…could I have a ppp xx I’ve been with my husband 14 years.and have 3 fan…

Hi all…could I have a ppp xx
I’ve been with my husband 14 years.and have 3 fantastic boys..we are a very close family but llsince January been hard with are 10 year old.hes type 1.asd.adhd.serve anxiety..horrible things but last 2 weeks seems to be getting a bit better…anyway my hubby is a hard working man..loves his life etc..but last week he started to have problems with his heart rate…anyway on Thursday he thought he was haven a heart attack..bearing in mind not once in 14 years has been to hospital and only been to docs 2..he called an ambulance and paramedics were very worried bout how his heart rate was rushed him in…he was only there bout 4 hours and cardiologist said don’t worry is common in middle aged men..and when he feels his heart rate drop he’s got to do some exercise like push ups to get his heart beat back on track ..anyway yesterday he didn’t go to work (unlike him). And it was happening a lot and he said he’s just so scared.and started crying his eyes out…never seen him like that ever.. .then he said he’s not rite and got him self yesterday afternoon and they now say he has depression etc…but he is not eaten and been asleep on and of since 5pm last nite. Got up at 8 and was sick everywhere..its all so are son’s 9th trying so hard to stay strong for everyone.but I don’t no what to it his heart or haven some kind of breakdown..many thanks..xx.


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